What’s a sculpture jam?

Our sculpture jams are providing an opportunity for sculptors to get together once a month to practice their craft at sculpting the human figure from a live model. It allows sculptors to share the cost of hiring a model for the day and a bit of socialising mixed-in. It is hosted by Cameron Morgan.


Where is it?

The Nursery

Benhiam Street,



`further details will be provided upon enrollent`


When is it?

3rd Sunday of most months, 10am-4pm.

Sunday 19 July

Sunday 16 August

Sunday 20 September

Sunday 18 October



What does it cost?

The intention is to make this affordable so as to keep it a regular event. Therefore, the cost of the model is shared between all the artists – depending on the number of participants, this cost varies.  BUT to make this fair, Cameron has had to make a change on how this operates.

$29 deposit will cover the cost of the model between  6 particpants.

A maximm of 8 and a minimum of 6 partcipants is required to confirm the Jam goes ahead.



What it isn’t.

These sessions are untutored. Save for a little guidance from the group if a fellow sculptor has a problem, this is a platform for individuals to review and practise their skill sets. Sorry, it is not suitable for beginners. Don’t worry, your time will come!


No materials are supplied except for sculpting tripods. All artists must bring their own clay; armature; tools and base to which their sculpture will stand. Artists must take all these items with them at the end of the session.


How it works.

The model will be posed; elevated and central to the artists on a turntable and is rotated 90° every 13 minutes throughout the session, giving each artist a fresh angle to work from.


However, we do cater for those artists wishing to draw the live model. This has been an interesting challenge for the artists in drawing the model in pose from different angles.  An easel is set up clear of the sculptors’ workspace, allowing the sculptors to move freely around the model nearing the end of the day. 


So to ensure all this happens without a hitch and is affordable, we have made a couple of conditions on how this goes about:

1.     Minimum 6 participants and Maximum 8.

2.     Please keep confirmations and communications using email only. sculptureworkshops@yahoo.com

3.     Deadline for confirmation will be the Thursday prior. If minimum participants are not reached, the session will be cancelled and notification will be sent by email.

4.     Confirmation is by Direct Debit of $29 is required to reserve your spot. (direct debit details below). Please send a follow up email to notify Cameron that you have made payment.

5.     Cancellations after the Thursday prior forfeit full fee of $29. This is to ensure that the other artists are not having to cover the extra costs by last minute cancellations. If we cancel you will be refunded the $29.



Direct Debit payments are to be made to:

Cameron Morgan
Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484-799
ACC: 609008896


Please use your surname as reference and the letters SCJ (For ‘Sculpture Jam). For example SmithSCJ


Please email Cameron if you have any questions or concerns or you would like to secure your place


Happy Sculpting!

Sculpting Jams - Untutored

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