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Full Course Fee - $880 AUD



This three-day course is designed to get the student to jump headfirst into artistic anatomy. Each student will complete an ecorche figure (a figure with no skin, revealing the bones and muscles underneath), muscle by muscle, over a resin skeleton 1/3 life size.

In addition, every muscle in the face will be modelled onto a life-sized plaster skull. Both the skull and the skeleton are the students to keep.


Rather than the months long process of modelling a skeleton in clay, then painstakingly adding one or two muscles per class, this course is designed for a 'quick and dirty' approach, enabling the students to think of muscles in terms of groups and functions, rather than as stand-alone lumps and bumps on the surface of the model.


Perfectly suitable for both sculptors and drawers alike!


Sculptor Jason Arkles will lead the class by discussing and modelling each muscle alongside the students, and with the aid of video and digital presentations as well as a live model.


What to Bring:

Participants are to bring:

  •  pens or pencil and a notepad of sufficient size to take plenty of notes during the class. 
  •  a wooden rake tool to score the grain of the muscles (there will be on loan at the workshop if required)


* Terms and Conditions apply

Artistic Anatomy with Jason Arkles

  • Class hours are from 9 - 5:30  daily. (Actual hours will be confirmed closer to the start of the course.



    Enrollment will be limited to 9-12 students.


    A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required for registration. Balance of $600 for the workshop will be due 6 weeks prior to the first day of class. A link will be emailed with a reminder at that time to pay either through secure PayPal link OR direct debit. 


    Direct Debit payments are to be made to:

    Cameron Morgan

    Suncorp Bank

    BSB: 484-799

    ACC: 609008896


    Please use your surname as reference and the letters ANJARK. For example JonesANJARK


    Please Note:

    This workshop relies on reaching sufficient participant numbers therefore it is necessary to charge a cancellation fee as outlined below in the event that you decide to cancel. If we decide to cancel the workshop at any time we will issue you with a FULL refund. We are not responsible for expenses incurred by you in the preparation of workshop (even cancelled workshops), such as tools, equipment, accommodation, flight costs etc.




    Cancellation fees are applicable:

    Until 22 February  - $100 of workshop cost

    From 22 February – 22 March - 50% of workshop cost

    From 22 March - No refunds

    FULL PAYMENT is due on 22 March 2019.

  • Full Course Fee:

    $880 AUD (please see Terms and Conditions above)



    9 - 11 May, 2019

    9:00 am - 5 pm (times to be confirmed closer to date)


    9 Chrome Street, Salisbury